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At DOCTORS for LESS we are focused on providing URGENT CARE and FAMILY MEDICINE services with the highest levels of patient satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our phone (831-646-3190) is answered 24 hours a day by a real person. No electronic telephone trees or answering machines for us! If you have a question about whether we can take care of your problem, don't hesitate to call and discuss the matter with us.

Our mission is to provide quality medical care at a price most people can afford. Our usual fee--just $80 for most visits--is less than one half of what the other urgent care centers charge.

However, it's not enough that we keep OUR fees low. That won't help if you end up paying a fortune for prescriptions and lab tests. So we ALWAYS write prescriptions for generic drugs unless there is no alternative. And we don't order tests unless they are crucial to your treatment. Saving money is in our DNA--we just can't help ourselves!

Because we are dedicated to making the healthcare system work for everyone, we accept ALL insurance policies except Medi-Cal. What this means is that after you pay us we send a claim to your insurance company on your behalf to help you obtain a refund.The only exception is Medicare. If you have Medicare you will pay your annual deductible ($183 in 2018) after which you only pay your co-pay at each visit.

Why   us?

Quite simply, we are--

  • More affordable
  • More available
  • More family oriented
  • Centrally located
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